About Us

East Peak Pte Ltd is one of the pioneers in the Home Appliances business in Singapore and Malaysia. Currently, we have become one of the leading home appliances supplier in this region with our own house brand Takada. To date, we are carrying a total of about 30 different types of Home Appliances with over 100 different models.

Our business mission is to provide high-quality, attractive and innovative products together with excellent support and service at very affordable prices. This has enabled us to compete against reputable international brands and establish ourselves in the home appliances market locally.

Over the years of growth and development, we have set up new branch offices in Hongkong and China in order to gain a competitive advantage. We are also in the process of expanding our distribution channels in other parts of Asia countries such as Thailand and Brunei.

Our products undergo strict quality control procedures and have obtained the following marks after being certified safe for use by the relevant authorities:

PSB Safety Mark - Singapore

Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) - Malaysia

All our products are compliant to CB standards, which is a pre-requisite for approval to the above marks, essential for distribution in Singapore and Malaysia. Also, most of our products are also compliant to general worldwide standards such as GS or CE.

Our principal activities include the following:

       - Import, export and distribute (wholesale) all kinds of electrical appliances

       - Manufacturing of containers and boxes of paperboard     

       - Assembly, quality control and packing of electrical appliances and storage

We were registered as a factory to the Ministry of Manpower in 2007, enabling us to carry out assembly, quality control and simple manufacturing tasks locally, upon request of customers.

During the past year, we had imported and assembled great amounts of products in several categories, such as electric irons, mixers, toasters, heaters and fans for our customers locally and around the world. In the coming years, we have plans to increase our storage premises and production capacity for imported and manufactured products in order to cater to increasing demands. At the same time, we aim to reach out to more customers in various parts of the world, while at the same time investing more into our various production lines around the world in order to deliver products of better quality, design and affordable prices to our valued customers!