Online/Local Warranty

Takada Products are under warranty within 1 year of purchase.

Takada reserve the right to repair or replace any product found to be defective when customers return the product to takada service centre or the distributor from which they purchased the product. In the event that takada repairs or replaces a defective product under warranty, the repaired or replaced product will be covered through the end of the original warranty period, but no repair or replacement will extend the warranty term past the 12 month anniversary of the delivery date of the original takada product.

Warranty covers mechanical and electrical defects, faulty sets and missing parts. Wear and tear are subjected to charges.

We honor all receipts and invoices issued by our resellers and distributors.
Proof of purchase requirements are stated below;

-Valid date of purchase

-Purchase amount

-Shop name or Location of Purchase

-Physical product (complete/partial)


We thank you for your purchase of takada products, we aim to provide satisfactory products for all of our customers.