Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker
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  • Zisa Slow Cooker 5.5L
    SC-5500DZ Takada presents you its range of innovative slow cookers, made of Zisa purple clay which is known to retain the nutritions in your food! Prepare tasty, pleasant everyday meals with the Takada Zisa Series SC-5500D(Z)!    Attractive and Innovative Design Slow cooking is know to retain the moisture and nutrients of food without losing the natural essences inside it, and the Zisa Series SC-5500D(Z) does just that! It has the well known Zisa pot that also releases minerals beneficial for health. A must have item for that healthy lifestyle!    Versatile and Multi-Function The Zisa Series SC-5500D(Z) can be used to prepare various food from meat, vegetable, pudding and soup. There are three heat settings from Low, High to Auto for you to ad..
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