Stove / Hot Plate

Stove / Hot Plate
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  • Halogen Cooker
    TK-200HC   A kitchen will never be complete without an oven, what more of the Takada TK-200HC halogen cooker! With a powerful energy distribution of 2000 watts, this oven applies the method of using halogen heating element and moving hot air to cook, ensuring you get a nutritious, healthy meal all the time thrice faster than conventional cooking.    Advantageous Cooking Avoid overcooked, burnt food with fewer bacteria when you use the Takada TK-200HC halogen cooker. Its infra red features are known to remove harmful lead of zinc particles in food. It also has a 10 hours timer and evens out heat distribution to ensure you good is fully cooked. This method also takes up less electricity consumption with faster cooking.    Convenient Features ..
    $108.00 Ex Tax: $108.00
  • Hot Plate (Single)
    GH-1 For a portable cooking option, check out the Takada GH-1 Hot Plate. It's a convenient and easy to clean hot plate with a powerful operation up to 1500 watts. But the highlight of it all should be the fact that it's small and ideal for simple cooking or frying during one of your adventures!   Advantageous Cooking The Takada GH-1 Hot Plate comes with a non stick cast iron heating plate. It also has 6 temperature variable heat control that you can adjust according to your cooking preference. Never has cooking been as convenient and simple as the Takada GH-1!   Convenient Features With the sealed heating element and overheat protection, you will never have to worry about burning fingers ever again. This Takada GH-1 Hot Plate also has an indicator light..
    $42.00 Ex Tax: $42.00
  • Induction Cooker
    ISB-622 Looking out to replace your old conventional stove? Why donメt you go with the Takada ISB-622 induction cooker? Now you can cook without the mess - no flames, no gas needed or hot heating coils. It's also safe to use around children and so easy to clean after you're done.    Advantageous Cooking Use the Takada ISB-622 for a healthier way of cooking - there's no flame involved, no gas or heating coils during operation. Cooking will also be faster with the Takada ISB-622. Its high heating efficiency uses electromagnetic induction. You can adjust the settings according to your cooking needs for sumptuous tasting meals!    Convenient Features To adjust to your cooking methods, the Takada ISB-622 has 5 different temperature and power setting..
    $29.90 Ex Tax: $29.90