Juicer / Food processor

Juicer / Food processor
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  • Blender
    TK-350 Prepping for cooking can be a hassle and is incredibly time consuming, especially if you don’t have the right tools and appliances. When you are preparing a meal or a beverage, especially in a large scale, it sure can get a little challenging when the prepared liquids are not as smooth as expected just because there are still little chunks of some of the ingredients left that did not get blended thoroughly. It is essential that you have a proper blender. Introducing Takada TK-350 Blender!    Quality Features With the Takada-350 Blender, you can now have more fun while preparing your beverage or sauce. Its user-friendly rotary control and portable, compact design makes it convenient to carry around. Do not underestimate this little fellow as it is equipped ..
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  • Food Blender
    ISB-731 Introducing the useful and amazing kitchen helper, the Takada Blender Grey Blue Isb-731. This product will give you the maximum value out of its extremely useful features. This product has an amazing futuristic design and it is made out of only the finest material to ensure top grade quality. This product is easy to use and it require less space for storage purposes. Get it now while the stock last!   Features: Power Rating: 220-240V 50Hz 400W  Capacity: 1.5L Can use as blender‚ mixer‚ food processor or coffee mill Suitable for various food (e.g. greens‚ corn‚ fruit‚ beans‚ coffee etc) 4 speed control (3 normal speeds + turbo speed) Stainless steel blades Mill cup with blades also provided Double safety lock - Will not work if lid or base no..
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  • S/S High Power juice
    TK-353 The elegant stainless steel Takada Deluxe SS Juicer is the perfect partner for extracting delicious fruit and vegetable juices. Its chic and elegant designed container makes it easy to clean and guarantees maximum juice extraction from fruits and vegetables, allowing minimal wastage. Juice extracted from this sleek model is filtered thoroughly to get rid of any remnants to ensure a smoothly textured drink everytime. This high powered juice extractor with stainless steel filter and blades is the perfect key in providing a healthier, fresher fruit and vegetable juice for your friends and family.   Separate juice jug The separate juice jug with foam separator and pulp container makes it easier for serving. Its 1L capacity is perfect for glasses of healthy juice fo..
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  • Soyabean Milk Maker
    ISB-72D The Takada ISB-72D Soybean functions through a completely automated process making your drink in about 15-20 minutes. This multi function device lets you process soybean and corn and also gives you the option of blending. It has safety protection against overflow or dry heating and the beep alerts when the process is completed and when safety feature is activated. You can also witness the grinding process by stainless steel blades through the transparent external plastic body.   Model ISB-72D Size (L x W x H) 21.5 x 21.5 x 36 cm Weight 5 Color orange Warranty Period 1 Year Warranty Type Local Supplie..
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  • Wine Cooler
    JH-1C Chill and serve your favourite wines and other beverages to perfection with this Wine Cooler. The Wine Cooler is programmed to automatically chill the wine to the perfect drinking temperature. Conventional rapid chilling can shock the wine, Most Whites are served too cold, Most Reds are served to warm. This Wine Cooler’s cooling system is computer controlled to achieve the perfect drinking temperature.    Model JH-1C Color Grey Warranty Period 1 Year Warranty Type Local Supplier Warranty   ..
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