Water dispenser

Water dispenser
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  • Water Dispenser W/Filter System
    Takada W2-150(MP)  Deluxe Standing Hot & Cold Dispenser: With Filter tank Features 1) 2 switch control to select activation of heating or cooling 2) Dispenses hot and cold temperature water 3) Auto cut-off when preset hot/cold temperature reached (energy saving) 4) Can input water using our filter or bottled RO/mineral/distilled water 5) Ideal for home, office, hotel or school use   3-Stage Filter (Capacity: 12L) 1) Cotton filter removes suspended particles in water 2) Multiple filter column made up of activated carbon and mineralized balls remove odour, chlorine and organics in the water, release healthy minerals and improves water taste. 3) High density ceramic filter removes micro-impurities such as bacteria and heavy metals. 4) Allows ..
    $800.00 Ex Tax: $800.00
  • Water Dispenser“ W/ Filter System
    ISB-F3(CP) with filter tank Get more value out of every dollar with the Takada ISB-F3 (CP) Hot & Cold Desktop Dispenser. It allows for the dispensing of room temperature, cold and and piping hot water, all from one convenient dispenser.    Easy to Use Ideal for use in homes and offices, the Takada ISB-F3 (CP) Hot & Cold Desktop Dispenser is especially easy to use as well as maintain. Designed to be energy saving and extremely economical, it shuts off once the water has already boiled and retains its heat for a longer period of time. So you can enjoy hot cups of coffee anytime without having to boil a fresh pot of water. Just pour tap water in, and the boiler does everything a regular kettle does, making the water drinkable.    Simple and D..
    $390.00 Ex Tax: $390.00