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Takada W2-170SP deluxe Desk Top hot and cold water dispenser (pipe-in)

1)2 switch control to select activation of heating and colding.

2)Dispenses hot, cold or room temperature water.

3)Auto cut-off when preset hot/cold temperature reached (energy saving).

4)Allow tap water to be input directly to any dispenser. Long term savings and avoid hassle of buying/replacing bottles of water.

5)Ideal for home, office, hotel or school use.

4 stage filter 

1)UF filter removes suspended particles, humful chemicals, bacteria, virus in water.

2)Multiple filters columu made up of activated carbon and mineralized balls remove odour, chorine and organics in water, release healthy minerals and improves water taste.

3)High density ceramic filter removes micro-impurities and heavy metals.

Size (L x W x H) 310 x 300x 520mm
Weight 13kg
Capacity 1.5L(hot) / 3L(cold)
Warranty Period 1 year Warranty
Warranty Type Local Supplier Warranty


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