Non-Stick Rice & Porridge Cooker 1.8L

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Takada presents you their range of rice cookers, designed to make your dinner preparations much more convenient! Prepare soft and chewable everyday essential meals with the Takada PRC-18L Rice Cooker! Attractive and Innovative Design The Takada PRC-18L comes in a simple white elegant floral design that camouflages easily into the backgrounds of your tiles. It comes with a teflon coating non-stick inner pot to retain the natural flavour and nutrients of your rice, making your daily meals more supple and nutritious to keep the energy going! 

Versatile and Multi-Function

The Takada PRC-18L has three functions to prepare your meal. First, it automatically cooks and keeps warm your rice without you having to push any buttons, and second, it can be used for steaming buns, dumplings and even cakes! Last but not least, this rice cooker can also be used to cook porridge, gruel and soup. It comes with a rice spoon and measuring cup too! 

Low Maintenance Cost

Apart from its modern elegant design and technologies, the Takada PRC-18L can easily be maintained and lasts a long time. It has illuminated neon indicator lights that indicates if a product is cooking or keeping warm, and is made of durable materials for that sturdy feel. 


Model PRC-18L
Size (L x W x H) 30x30x20
Weight 4
Color white
Warranty Period 1 Year
Warranty Type Local Supplier Warranty


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