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Takada Electric Barbecue Grill

For special occasions or just a casual family day out, bring out the electric barbecue grill and enjoy a specially cooked menus with the Takada ISB-6038B. This economical grill pan is a convenient way to enjoy BBQ outdoor and indoors, but doesn't require charcoal or fuel to cook.

Grill On!

The Takada ISB-6038B grills food faster with its high quality electric element, and exhumes lesser harmful chemicals in the air to avoid pollution. With an anti-smoke water tank, the Takada ISB-6038B reduces its smoke emission which in turn, produces less pollution and makes it suitable for indoor grilling. You will also enjoy less fat and oil in your food, and with lower cholestrols too!

Safe & Easy

The Takada ISB-6038B has a safety lock that does not heat up and cause damage to the product if the tank or grill are incorrectly placed. The temperature control knob with indicator light is easy to understand, you can easily clean up the appliance.

Model ISB-6038B
Size (L x W x H) 605 x 380 x 520 mm
Weight 3
Color black
Warranty Period 1 Year
Warranty Type Local Supplier Warranty


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