Deep Fryer 3.0L

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Introducing the useful and amazing kitchen helper, the Takada Deep Fryer Stainless Steel Isb-306. This product will give you the maximum value out of its extremely useful features. This product has an amazing futuristic design and it is made out of only the finest material to ensure top grade quality. This product is safe to use and providing high performance operation. Get it now while the stock last!


1) Stainless steel body - Continental design
2) Detachable oil tank for easy washing
3) Safe - Switches off automatically when overheated
4) 3.0L Large frying basket with insulating handle
5) Operating elements with LED display
6) Plastic lid with viewing window and permanent filtering of smell
7) Cold zone principle - No burning of food particles‚ oil and fat can be reused more often
8) Ideal for cooking crispy and delicious food e.g. potato chips‚ chicken wings‚ prawns‚ squid rings or nuggets


Model ISB-306
Size (L x W x H) 60x50x30
Weight 3 kg
Color stainless steel
Warranty Period 1 Year
Warranty Type Local Manufacturer Warranty


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