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This Takada stand mixer gives you more convenience of processing the food in the 1.5 liter large gear drive rotating plastic bowl for a good and uniform mix. The 5 speeds give you more power and choice over the course of processing your food. The package comes with beaters for cake mix and kneading hooks for the dough, and equipped with ejectors to remove the hooks and beaters for cleaning after use and storage. 

Beat and knead

For those who really love to bake both cakes and breads, this is the perfect product for you. The package includes beaters for cake mix and kneading hooks for dough. Cookie or bread dough is a lot stiffer than cake mix, thus a normal beater is not suitable for mixing one. It gives this nice product extra functionality. 

Large gear drive

The large gear drive allows the beater to cover most part of the plastic bowl. This is an important feature in a stand mixer since you canメt move the body as in the case of a hand mixer. A large gear drive will ensure a good and uniform mix for that delicious bake. 

5 Speed Controls

Speed control allows for total control of the user. With this appliance, you have the choice of mixing and kneading the way you want. This Takada mixer comes with generous 5 speed controls to help you mix well. You just have to turn the dial clockwise to add some speed, and turn it in the other direction to reduce speed. 


Model TK-138A
Size (L x W x H) 30.5L x 25.5B x 20H cm
Weight 4
Color white
Warranty Period 1 Year
Warranty Type Local Supplier Warranty


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