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Everyone loves a quick break with waffles to snack on – and so would your customers when you whip up your signature batch of goodies with the assistance of Takada WFB-2 commercial double waffle maker. The Takada waffle maker can be utilized for a commercial use (as the name goes) and is capable of serving up a variety of your customer’s favourite waffles in any location.

Any time, any day.

Using the Takada waffle maker is easy – it’s flexible and economic as the plates can be operated independently. Instantly bake up your customers’ purchases without worrying about cold waffles. Plus, the waffle maker has a timer control to preset cooking period and has a high temperature of up to 250°C.

Nice looking waffles.

Both the plates of the Takada waffle maker have grids that produce standard thickness and round sized waffles consistently. It also has a stainless steel finish body that is hygienic and easy to clean, ideal for a use on a long day. With the Takada WFB-2 commercial double maker in mind, you’ll be sure that your customers will keep on coming for more.


Model WFB-2
Size (L x W x H) 50 x 43 x 25 cm
Weight 12.8 kg
Uses & Properties Flexible and economic
Timer control for presetting cooking period
High temperature up to 250C
Stainless steel finish body, hygienic and easy to clean
Wattage 2000W
Voltage 220-240V
Warranty Period 1 Year
Warranty Type Local Manufacturer Warranty


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