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Early morning, walking around the streets just to get a whiff of those delicious, newly baked buns is heavenly. If you have such favouritism when it comes to these quick bite-sized snack, then you would definitely appreciate the presence of Takada ISB-20F electric oven in the comforts of your home. Enjoying a daily dose of dough will never be the same again. 

Multipurpose use

The Takada ISB-20F is a rotisserie oven which has a generous capacity of 20 liters for you to bake all sorts of goods. It is ideal for not just baking, but also for grilling and toasting so you and your family can enjoy an array of delicious meals throughout the day. 

According to you

Using the ISB-20F is easy; it is equipped complete with temperature control, timer control and a 3-way heat selection for you to adjust according to your style and preference. The Takada ISB-20F electric oven also has an indicator light that serves as a reminder so you can enjoy crispy crusts everyday.

Model ISB-20F
Size (L x W x H) 50x38.5x33.5cm
Weight 6.8kg
Color white
Warranty Period 1 Year
Warranty Type Local Supplier Warranty


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