Direct Pipe-in Desk Top Hot & Cold Water DIspenser Model : Infinite-20S - Made In Korea

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Desk Top Hot & Cold Direct Pipe-in Water Dispenser : Infinite-20S (Made in Korea)


Features :

1)Application of the patented Ion sterilizer to the system to prevention of the secondary pollution.

2)Application of the patented leak detector to the system to prevention of the secondary incident.

3)Auto cut-off when preset hot/cold temperature reached (energy saving).

4)Supply fresh and pure drinking water through prefect 4 stages purification system.

5)Double Safety coke to prevention of hot water been flushing out by mistake.

6)Capacity : 2 litres hot and 3 litres cold.


4 Stage Filter (With Kotra Seal of Excellence, Water Quality, ISO and FDA Certifications) :

1)Sediment Filter - Removes small particles (eg dirt and other minute impurities, particles).

2)Pre-carbon Filter - Removes Chlorine and organic Substances.

3)Post-carbon Filter - Removes the dissolved gases and odors through a high quality granular activated carbon block filters.

4)UF Filter (optional) - Removes hamful chemicals, bacteria, virus etc.

5)Nano PH Alkali Filter (optional) - Produces purified Alkali water (PH8.0-9.8).  



Model Infinite-20S
Colour Silver Gray / Silver Black
Weight 18kg
Dimension (L) x (W) x (H) mm 310 x 322 x 520




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