Takada Hot & Warm Standing Water Dispenser

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Model : ISB-F2(AB)


-Dispenses hot and warm water.

-Made up of edible grade stainless steel to provide healthy and clean drinking water.

-Input water using 3 stages filtration system, thus saving mioney compare to buying bottle water in long terms.

-Light weight design for easy maneuver.


3 Stage filters :


-Hydrophilic membrane filtration : Removes sediment, suspended solids, heavy metal, chlorine, odor and bacteria.

-Mineralization : Balance of zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium and other minerals for healthy alkaline mineral water.

-Activation : Adjust PH level, soften water by removeal of hardness ions of more than 70% improves taste and appearance of water.


 Specification :


Voltage : 220-240VAC

Frequancy : 50Hz

Total Power Consumption : 575W

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