Takada (Waco) Digital Hot Water Dispenser Model : Infinite-30

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Takada (Waco) Digital Hot Water Dispenser Model : Infinite-30
Introduction :
This Digital Hot Water Dispenser is a most valuable addition to any crowded environment where you just do not have the luxury of time to wait for a kettle.  It's the best option to your restaurant and cafe, convenient store even in the house as its excellent functionality and versatility will go a long way in terms of saving you time, space and money.
High Quality Design :
The Slim style “Infinite-30”’s High Quality Tempered Glass(9H Hardness) with brilliant LED light makes beautiful interior to the restaurant, cafe, convenient store and house.
Also, the attractive sleek finish is made of superior quality stainless steel, ensuring that you have only the finest digital hot water dispenser on the market.
Feature :
* Continuous Extraction of Hot Water *
Digital hot water dispenser provides you fresh hot water(90℃ ~ 95℃) continuously with one touch for your coffee, tea and instant ramen, etc.
* ECO Mode for Power-Saving *
Equipped with an illuminance sensor makes auto shut-off at night, thereby effectively reducing power consumption.
* Simple Operation by Touch Screen *
Features hassle-free digital touch button control panel located at the front of the unit for convenience.
It operated simply and built-in LED light indicates the hot water temperature and filter replacement cycle.
* Automatic Water Filter’s Replacement Indication(Option) *
Filter replacement indicator will blinks when the water filters out of lifespan as an optional filtration system.
* Removal Drip Tray *
Infinite-30 comes equipped with a Removal Stainless steel Nozzle & Drip Tray, which allows you to keep your nozzle & drip tray sanitary.  The removable nozzle & drip tray means an easy and quick clean up!
Specification :
Heating System - Sheath heater
Power Supply - 220V ~ 50/60Hz
Power Consumption - 2KW
Tank Capacity - 10L
Flow rate - 1.3L/min 
Tank Temperature - 90℃ ~ 95℃
Dimension - 200(W)×505(D)×580(H)
The country of Origin - Korea


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