Takada Sensor Touch Direct Pipe In Desk Top Hot / Cold / Ambient Water Dispenser

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High Performance UV Instant Disinfection

Instant-start UV system controls light irradiation; UV sterilization works when users dispense water. Replaceable high efficiency UV lamp eliminates 99.9% of germs without increasing cold and sparkling water temperature.


A Tool-free Replaceable Filter

Replaceable UF filter - to removes harmful chemicals, bacteria, virus etc. This single filtration filter installed inside of the model, and comes with the screw lock. Filter replacement is very simple and easy.


Touch Operation Panel

The smoothly touch panel, operation is slightly by one finger touch.



- With hot , cold and ambient selection.

- Safety lock.

- Soft touch control pannel.

- Leak detector.

- Uv sterilization.

- UF filter.

- Chilling capacity : 20 litres / hour.

- Heating capacity : 12 litres / hour.

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