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We introduce you to the Takada ISB-333 Desktop Air Ionizer which purifies and refreshes the air around you through its strong ionic power. Its innovative design, high durability and efficiency in energy consumption make it ideal for use in small offices or bedrooms.




Fresh Clean Air

The air ionizer comes with an oscillation feature and a 7-hour timer to help you manage and save your time and money. Powered by 45watts, this is a must-have item if you want to breathe in fresh clean air in the comfort of your home.




Advantages of Having an Air Ionizer

An air ionizer is a device that purifies the air in a room by electrically charging the air molecules. An air ionizer uses ions to remove microscopic particles from the air. They work to make the air in a room healthier for people who are suffering from asthma, allergies, impaired immunity or respiratory ailments because it reduces the amount of allergens circulating into the lungs. A major advantage of using an appliance like this is that its parts do not need regular replacement because there are no physical filters that get dirty.

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