ISB-993A Takada Air Master

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Introducing the Takada ISB-993A  Air Master, a multipurpose product designed to improve your air quality and enhance living conditions in your home. The ISB-993A has the ability to perform 5 different functions which are; cooler, purifier, humidifier, ioniser, and diffuser. Plus with up to 360 degrees of oscillation you get maximum air coverage no matter the size of the room.

5-in-1 Function

The ISB-993A performs 5 different functions, perfect for you to enhance the air quality and condition around you the way you see fit. Among the functions are as follows: 

Cooler: Uses water or coolant to lower surrounding temperature. 
Humidifier: Adds moisture to surrounding air. 
Purifier: Traps and filters large dust particles. 
Ionizer: Releases healthy negative oxygen ions into surrounding air. 
Diffuser: Can add aroma oils to diffuse smell into surroundings.


One Year Local Warranty


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