Hyundai W2-170SMP Deluxe Desk Top Hot & Cold Dispenser

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Features :


1)2 switch control to select activation of heating or cooling.

2)Dispenses hot, cold or room temperature water.

3)Auto cut-off when preset hot/cold temperature reached (energy saving).

4)Can input water using our mineral water pot or bottled RO, mineral or distilled water.

5)Ideal for home, office, hotel or school use.


4 Stage Filter (With Kotra Seal of Excellence, Water Quality, ISO and FDA Certifications) :


1)Sediment Filter - Removes small particles (eg dirt and other minute impurities).

2)Pre-carbon Filter - Removes Chlorine and organic Substances.

3)Post-carbon Filter - Removes the dissolved gases and odors through a high quality granular activated carbon block filters.

4)UF Filter (optional) - Removes harmful chemicals, bacteria, virus etc.

5)Nano PH Alkali Filter (optinal) - Produces purified Akali water (pH8.0-9.8).


Model W2-170SMP
Colour Black
Weight 21kg
Dimension (L) x (W) x (H) mm 310 x 300 x 530


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